Jimijon Launches Redesigned Banner Plumbing Supplies Website

Jimijon is proud to announce that the redesigned website of Banner Plumbing Supplies in now live.

Produced in partnership with Zipline Corporation, this site update was built with the Joomla CMS, and the custom template we designed includes several special features including a split-screen landing page, a unique responsive menu system, and personalized contact forms for each member of the Banner team. We also created a system that allows visitors to view the websites of Banner‘s vendors and partners from within the Banner website.

In addition, we are providing continued support in the form of system maintenance as well as customized training videos to instruct the Banner staff in how to make changes and updates.

Banner is thrilled with their new web presence, and reported an immediate increase in new business in the first week after the relaunch. We're pleased to add Banner Plumbing to our growing list of Jimijon success stories.

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